Friday, April 10, 2009

The Teri & Nancy ordeal...

Ok, the Teri & Nancy ordeal; both girls are hot; both want to be with me, both would be depended on me.

Now as I said before with Nancy there are no other man’s kids and she is black. That would make the family happy and maybe not cause too much of a stir with Kieshia. And plus I would not have to deal with the mix race lifestyle. That would be the easy way out and no worries over the so many things. Not to mention those big tits and soft round ass. Nancy seemed like the kind of girl that would do anything. After all she stripped for me and sent the pics as well. But I know she is all about style, so she would be and expensive wife. All the top fashion clothes and designer bags and shit.

Now Teri is not so much the opposite of her but there are many differences. Teri has two kids from different men, cannot cook, has little earnings potential (to be fair so does Nancy) and like sto try adb keep her little secrets. However despite all of this she has chased my ass for years. I have dumped her many times and she just refuses to leave me. But I guess it has been one of those “devil you know’ type relationships.

Here is what happen, out of the blue while Nancy was on vacation in Haiti, Teri gets an e-mail from her (allegedly) saying how she is my woman and she wants Teri to stay away from me and how we are in love and about me buying her the bracelet and the laptop and money for bills. She goes on and on with several things and basically telling Teri to fuck off and leave me alone. So Teri writes me about her, I dance around the issue and e-mail Nancy she says she is not doing it and it must be her sister. This continues for about two weeks or so. So being so fed up with it all I dump Nancy. So basically I cannot tell who is lying or telling the truth, Teri or Nancy. I tell her to send the e-mails she says she deleted them. So what am I left with, Teri who I have known for many years and committed three years into a relationship with or Nancy who I want to be with but know (by her own words) is a little crazy psycho jealous. I took Teri’s side in all of this. Nancy still maintains her crazier sister did all of this. I don’t know, but the question I still have is how do either of them know about the other? Did they hack my e-mail? Who knows?

Ok, that is where it all stands. Teri and I are together; she has even started some type of school for forensics and something another. Nancy wrote me and still wants to communicate. Not sure if I want that, I wrote her back though. I am not a total asshole. I still want her so freaking bad. I mean damn she is fine, fine, fine!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Biometrics Companies

American Reliance (AMREL)
Animetrics, Inc.
Army Knowledge Online
Aspera, Inc.
Aware, Inc.
Biometrics Task Force
Cogent Systems
Cross Match Technologies
Evident, Inc.
Gannon Technologies
Harding Security Associates
High Tech Crime Institute, Inc.
Ideal Innovations, Inc.
L-1 Identity Solutions

LG Iris Technology USA, Inc.
MaxVision, LLC

National Ground Intelligence Center
NEK Advanced Securities Group

Palantir Technologies
Profiles Research Services, LLC
Retica Systems, Inc.
Sagem Morpho, Inc.
VMware, Inc.
West Virginia University, CiTer

The Return

Ok, my last post was in Jan. Not since that was done so much has happened. Let me try and sum up a lot of details in a short time.

1. Got promoted moved to Al Asad
2. Dumped Nancy back w/ Teri

That covers it.

Ok, the first thing, promoted. Out of nowhere I got an offer to Naples, Italy. It was that friend of Cedric’s that offered it to me. No interview nothing, just do you want the job, here it’s yours. So that was going down, but taking forever and a day. Then out of nowhere Brian sent me the offer for the promotion to FSE at Camp Cropper in Baghdad. And he only gave me literally a few hours to decide. I told him I had to think at least for the time I was at the port so I took that eight hours to think long and hard about the two offers. I was bummed that whole night. But the final decision was that I came here for the money and the FSE role gave me more of it; plus I would not have to leave SAIC and redo my 401K and stocks, and insurance and all that crap. So I took the FSE. Then just after I told those guys yes I get an e-mail from the other company that looked like a prelude to the offer letter. DAMN!! I left them on good terms however. I sent them a form letter say sorry, but got promoted out of the blue maybe next time. The guy write back, when I leave Iraq give them a call. I may just do that.
Now for the twist. I get my flight to Al Asad on the way to Baghdad to head out to the training site and once here the guys that were here wanted me to stay so bad they talked to their boss, Mark, to keep me. Since he is pretty big on the power chart and has a lot of influence, the pulled some strings and had my orders changed and now I am out here instead of going to Cropper. Good news on that is I get a TS clearance out of this. The Cropper position was S so I could take that with no problem. And that was one of the gripes they had about not promoting me earlier. Gee, wonder what changed???? Anyhow, now I am staying in the West and loving it so far at times. I went out to Ramadi for some training, which was OK. I have my own room; it is a KBR can so the walls are paper. I have my own desk now too. Pretty cool. I am settling in to this place. I have made so many orders on-line and spent so much money it is crazy. But I am not seeing a zero balance anymore. I will get on track here soon enough. My main concern now is my health. I am trying not to stroke out with this high blood pressure creeping up on me. I know what needs to me done I am just lazy. I for sure will be trying to get this weight down ASAP. Besides, that was a reason for coming to Iraq as well.
The people here are pretty cool to a certain degree. Mark, my new boss and FSE Lead out here is like a 12 year old on speed from time to time. Pretty good boss thought. Now some of the other people here; in the office there is Steve, good guy, from Hawaii and laid back. There are others in the back office, mainly Marines, the Lt. nobody likes him, the Capt. really good guy. The MSgt good Marine, seems pretty technical. Then Tracy, the guy looks and dresses like Crocodile Dundee, actually imagine William H Macy from Fargo and he even talks like him just bit. Then the other BAT office, Cesar the trainer, cool guy like him a lot. Greg, former Marine, cool dude who I get along with even though he has forgotten to get me coffee twice already. Then Brady, kind of annoying from time to time. Cannot for the life of him seem to get the hint if he calls me FNG one more time I might just crack his face like a melon. There is Joe, from Oz. Don’t know too much about him, worked with him for a little and like his style. He seems to want to part knowledge that is good. Not at all how Brady described him. Of course Brady seems to be wrong about a lot of stuff. But that is just a few of the players out here. There’s Cody, Nathan, Timmy boy, Scott (the FSE from Waleed), Juan & Jessie. OK, I am dog tired and I want got bed so bad. The cool thing here I that I can do nothing all day and get away with it. I don’t work till 9, but cannot leave till 9. Sucks. Right now I ma falling asleep right now.
Cool stuff, I got my new Sony Vaio today. Still waiting for my projector. I have to stop buying stuff.
OK, I will finish up with the on going saga of me and Teri and Nancy, WOW wait till you hear this.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Bad Ass

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sex Quiz

You have a Sexual IQ of 148
When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Tug-o-War has begun...

OK, you know I hooked up with oh shit I just forgot her name, oh Nancy yea that's it. Well, that is still going. I am not as hot on her as before. Not sure why, well actually I do know why. Teri strikes again!!
Ok, she sends me an e-mail saying she is getting laid off from her job; that she is scared and alone and needs me. I mean you know how I am when it comes to leaving people high and dry. So I first just send her an e-mail that blows her out of the water. It has how I am supporting a house that I don't live in and kids I feed that are not mine and all of the shit she has put me through. The crap and the like, I mean I laid everything out there. The last line was something like I am not going to support you in any of this. So then it starts to go back and forth with her saying I am the only one she has to talk to and she was not asking me for money (I know, no yet) and so one and so one. So what do I? I still take her back and start making plans to get this paid for... yea!! Damn, she always does this. No matter how I try to pull away she pulls me back in. I tell you she is a constant tragedy after another and the worst part is that she doesn't see that. I really should think about marring her. It could be the worst mistake of my life. So after this I call her and we talked for a while and as usual she acted as if the e-mail never happened and things were back to square one. I did tell her I might as we marry her because I can never get rid of her. Then today she writes me and calls me "hun" in the e-mail. Here she goes.

Now the pull of Nancy. I talked to her and she was a little pissed I had not written or called in a few days. She was all up the ass for money for her ticket and other shit she wants to buy. Whoa! Now what the fuck am I going to do? I have Nancy a really sweet girl that hot as hell and probably an awesome fuck that wants me to marry her in time and Teri that has waited all this long to marry my ass and get this Kieshia is moving back to Texas and you know I can't resist her pussy to save my life. There is just something about her that makes my dick hard every time I think about her. So Kieshia and the baby will be in DFW when I get back and Teri will be waiting for me and Nancy will be expecting me to bring her on down. Man this shit is getting complicated.